About us

Khayal Al Hejaz (KH Aviation) is an aviation service providing establishment based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(KSA), established in 2016 by professionals with over three decades of rich experience in the commercial aviation industry, with its headquarters based in Jeddah.

Our Services

  • Buying, selling and stocking Aviation Spare parts, Consumables, Ground support equipment, Lubricants and hard to find items to various Airlines and Helicopter Operators across the Middle East, CIS, Asia and Africa.

  • Repair management services that offer the customers an economical solution to most of their component repair/overhaul work through a number of trusted shops across the USA and Europe.

  • Sales, purchase and lease of aircraft.

  • Ground Services, Refueling and Catering services.

  • Consultation of General Authority of Civil Aviation to get all air clearances.

The rapid growth of the global aviation industry has deemed it necessary to expand the company beyond KSA. Hence, the company opened an office in the year 2017 by the name KH Aviation FZE, in Ajman, UAE. KH Aviation FZE was formed with the vision to tap into the international aviation market. UAE being a major global aviation hub makes it an excellent location to serve as an effective base for international marketing, thus expanding the company’s worldwide clientele. KH Aviation has been a project in the making since 2015 that has finally been materialized with the help and guidance of our in-house benefactors and visionaries.

At KH Aviation, we believe that our top priority is nothing but the complete satisfaction of all our customers and we strive to be the first choice of all our customers and take great responsibility to deliver our best service through honest and open communications and wholly desire the success of our customer simultaneously with the growth of our organization.