Aircraft Sales, leasing & Charters

KH Aviation caters to all aircraft owners looking to reposition their meets, add new and used aircraft or disposing of certain aircraft. We work through every step of the process from locating aircraft around the world to estimating the cost of maintenance and making the aircraft airworthy. We offer a wide range of aftermarket commercial aircraft to passenger and cargo operators from across the globe, with the help of our rapidly expanding sales and lease portfolio.

Our experienced and dedicated aircraft trading personnel understands that all customers have their distinct necessities and demands. Therefore all transactions require exibility and a responsive service in order to create a customized solution to our client’s operational needs. KH Aviation’s customers can rely on our expert guidance, personalized service across every step of the sale or lease transaction.

Our team of professionals can also market your aircraft for sale, lease, management and charter. KH Aviation is diversied to cater to Helicopters, narrow and wide-bodied commercial aircrafts in both passenger and freighter congfigurations. Our final goal is to establish long-term relationships with our clients while providing comprehensive technical information and superior customer support throughout our services. Our extensive business dealings and aviation experience enables us to effectively provide these services, when a need for a specific aircraft, or an aircraft with specific performance characteristics, is required.

Our charters services include: Helicopter charters, Private jet aircraft and Executive airliner charters, as well as a huge range of small specialist personal aircraft to all clients depending on their particular requirements.

Our international team of aviation specialists will assist you with key Hajj and Umrah charter consultations, providing you with the best options available within the shortest time span possible.